Thanksgiving is a wonderful opportunity to remind kids that God is our provider and that we have so much to be grateful for.

Bring a Cornucopia to class and share this lesson from Sermons4Kids.

or… Share this children’s sermon  and this lesson about the thankful leper.


Watch a short history of Thanksgiving by the History Channel.


Have each child make a little basket by Family Fun.  Cut out the leaves and have them write on the back of each leaf what they are thankful for. Put the leaves in the basket and let them take them home to help decorate for the season.


Have the children make Thanksgiving People paper dolls, play Turkey Hunt, or make a paper turkey.  These beautiful toys are from The Toy Maker.


Use your i-movie program to create a Thanksgiving music video with the song “Wanna Say Thank You” by Mary Rice Hopkins.  I googled pictures of Thanksgiving, Fall, children praying, etc.  The kids will love to watch it and listen to it as they do their crafts. (Do not put this on You Tube or sell it since the pictures will probably have a copyright.  This is only for personal use.)


Sing “It Is Good”  by Mary Rice Hopkins


Have them color a Thanksgiving Color page.  Here are some from Ministry- to


For snack time make edible cornucopias out of sugar cones.


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