The Good Samaritan

The Good Samaritan Luke 10:30-34

Scripture: Luke 10: 25 – 37 or pages 412 – 413 in The Golden Children’s Bible

Target Age Group:  1st through 6th grade

Welcome the children to the classroom and chat with them about their week as they gather around the table.

Pray and ask God to teach the children not just head knowledge, but also heart knowledge.


Bible Lesson:
Have the children open their Bibles to Luke 10 or page 412 in The Golden Children’s Bible.

(Read the story to the children because at this age some of the children do not read smoothly, which hinders comprehension for the whole class.)


  • Who asked Jesus a question?  an expert in the law (or a Bible scholar)
  • Did he really want to know the answer?  No.  He was testing Jesus.  Maybe he wanted to trip him up – or maybe he wanted to see if Jesus knew the right answer.
  • What was the question? “What must I do to inherit eternal life?”
  • How did Jesus answer him?  With a question.  “What is written in the Law? How do you read it?”
  • What was the man’s answer?  “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’”
  • Jesus told him that he had answered correctly.  He said “Do this and you will live.”  But, what do we know about our ability to obey those commandments?  We are sinners and we aren’t able to follow God’s laws perfectly.  So, we can’t gain eternal life that way.
  • Do you think that the man realized that he hadn’t obeyed this law?  Yes.  He tried to justify himself by asking, “And who is my neighbor?”
  • Jesus answered him with a story. What happened to the man in the story?  He was beaten up by robbers and left for dead at the side of the road.
  • Who found him first?  A priest.
  • Remember that the priest held the honorable position of serving at the temple. He would have been kind of like the pastor. It seems that if anybody would stop to help the man, it would have been him, right?
  • Did he stop to help the man?  No.  He passed by on the other side.
  • Who came next?  A Levite.
  • A Levite also served at the temple, but in the outer court area. 
  • Did he stop to help the man?  No.  He also passed by.
  • Then who came by?  A Samaritan.
  • The Jews looked down on the Samaritans and there were laws that said that they weren’t to live in the same area or even to talk to each other.
  • Did the Samaritan stop to help?  Yes.  He took pity on him, bandaged his wounds, put him on his donkey, and took him to an inn where he took care of him.
  • What did he tell the innkeeper? He gave him some money and told him to take care of him.  When he came back he would pay him for any extra expenses.
  • Then Jesus asked the man, “Which of these three do you think was a neighbor to the man who fell into the hands of robbers?”  And what did he answer?  “The one who had mercy on him.”
  • What did Jesus tell him to do then?  “Go and do likewise.”
  • Jesus just turned this man’s life upside down, didn’t he.  Because, who do you think that he most related to in the story?  The priest and the Levite.  He would have looked down at the Samaritan.  But, now Jesus was telling him that the Samaritan was the one who was more closely obeying the law than he was.
  • Have you ever thought that you were better than somebody else?  Maybe there are kids in your class at school who don’t have as nice clothes as you have, so you didn’t invite them to your Birthday party.  Maybe you have a classmate that you don’t think is very smart, so you don’t talk to him or her.  Or maybe some kids aren’t as good in sports as you are, so you don’t let him or her play on your team. Maybe you think that since you’re a Christian those kids who aren’t Christians aren’t as good as you are.  
  • What does Jesus want you to do?  Treat all others with kindness.
  • We need to remember that we are all sinners and that the only way that we get to heaven is by God’s grace.  So, we shouldn’t think of ourselves as better than others.  And maybe by our kindness, others will come to know Jesus, too.
  • Let’s pray and ask Jesus to help us to serve him by being kind to everyone…  


During the remaining class time do activities that help to reinforce what the children have learned. Here are some suggestions…


Memorize the verse.

Luke 10:27  “He answered, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’”


Have the children use colors or pastels to draw their own vision of the story on a sketch pad page. Or have them color a color page related to the story.

Color page #1  from ministry to children.

Color page #2   from funny coloring.

An excellent color page book is “Through-the-Bible Coloring Pages For Ages 4-8” by Janet Skiles.  The pages are reproducible.


Share a video or two of this story:

Video #1  McGee and Me

Video #2  Lego version

Video #3  Max 7

Video #4   Johnny Rogers

Video #5

Video #6   from Children’s Ministry Deals

Video #7   Dan Huffman drawing

Video #8  musical version

Video #9   Zebtoonz

Video #10   Grace Link

Video #11   from the Jesus film

Video #12  This one was created by a church for their VBS


Have the children make this craft from Auntie’s Bible Lessons.


Have the children fill out these worksheets and color page from Calvary Curriculum.  Or have them do one of these worksheets from DLTK.


Share this children’s sermon from Sermons4Kids  Don’t forget the activities at the bottom of the page!


Play the Good Samaritan Game from Children’s Ministry.


Tell the story to younger children in this creative way from flame creative kids.


The Gospel Hall has a mini-booklet about this story.   Search Good Samaritan.


Make the story book “The Kind Man from Samaria” from lambsongs. (scroll down)


This blog by Debbie Jackson has lots of great ideas.


Sing “Love On Another” by Yancy   or this version of the same song.


Evaluate what the children have learned.  While they are coloring or crafting ask each one what they learned today.

Send each child’s parent an e-mail (or a hard copy) of the  Parents’ Page.

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